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4 Reasons to Bring Along an RV Tow Car

4 Reasons to Bring Along an RV Tow Car

4 Reasons to Bring Along an RV Tow CarInstagram/thewebnomads

A tow car makes sense for RVers in certain circumstances. They are not a 'must', but they are very useful – essential even – in some cases.


You want to explore the park, downtown or surroundings

Perhaps the most important reason for bringing along a tow car is how convenient it is to tour the surroundings. For instance, if you want to experience the local festival in the downtown, just the hassle of navigating your motorhome around throngs of people,  narrow spaces and other vehicles, as well as the tough task of finding a parking space, calls for a towing car.

Some campgrounds impose a maximum vehicle length of the tow vehicle and trailer. It’s not any different from the length limitations for RVs being driven through a national park. For instance, some state parks may allow a 29' motorhome and anything more may not be permissible, while you may easily be able to fit your 44' coach in other parks. You can check the NPS site of the park you're interested in, to get the required information.


You have adventures or visits planned at the destination

Following on from the point above, a tow vehicle is necessary if you have some activities planned at your particular destination that may be burdensome to accomplish with your big motorhome. Visiting your grandparents or cousins at their home? Going on an off-road adventure? Taking in the sights and attractions of the city? You're better off parking your RV at the campground or park, and zooming around in your SUV, two-door or four-door car.


You can get better fuel economy

RVers report improving fuel economy with a tow car, especially for short trips. You may just find the combined average mpg of your motorhome and tow vehicle (more so if it is a small fuel-efficient car) to be quite good at the end of the trip.


It saves the hassle of setting up and closing down your rig

This may not seem like a big reason, but imagine the time and energy you would have expended to set your campsite back on and off every time you had to take off. With a tow vehicle, you can step out to travel more time-efficiently.

Finally, a tow vehicle can demonstrate its value when you’re scouting for or checking out a boondocking site.


Instances where you can do without a tow vehicle

  • Some resorts and parks offer bus shuttle and cabs. If you’re okay with this option, you don’t need to bring a tow vehicle along.
  • If you’re going on a week-long adventure and don’t plan to do a lot of exploration or sight-seeing, a tow vehicle might not be necessary.
  • If you want to camp stealthily in a private or public area, a small RV sans a tow vehicle might also be the best option.

When you vote ‘yes’ for a tow vehicle, confirm if your car can be flat towed (all four wheels are touching the ground).  Flat towing certain models of cars may void their warranty. Also make sure you invest in a suitable tow bar and towing equipment.