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We are the “Weekend Warriors”

We are the “Weekend Warriors”

I love watching other RVers’ vlogs or reading their blogs online. They’re doing amazing things like living in their RVs, traveling to a new site every couple weeks, and even outfitting their RVs with solar and composting toilets, so they can boondock for weeks on end. It’s all so cool!

Big Lou (2016 Thor ACE 30.2) getting packed up for a weekend trip.

But that’s not what we, The Hunnicutts, are doing. I work from home (and could technically work from anywhere with internet), but my husband, Stuart, is in the military. Like most people, we’re too tied down to this location to full time RV or to travel from one end of America to the other (without taking vacation time to do it).

I think most RVers are in a similar situation: they have a house, they have a job, their kids are in a physical school, and they RV as a vacation or hobby. And that’s totally awesome- as a matter of fact, we get the coolest nickname: The Weekend Warriors.

Just because we’re not living in Big Lou (our Thor ACE 30.2) doesn’t mean that we don’t want to spend all our spare time with him.

We think about RVing all the time and we’re constantly planning our next trips - even dreaming about our major road trip out West next year.

Most of the time, however, we plan trips closer to home for the weekends. It’s fun to get creative and find new things to do within a couple hours of our house. You’d be surprised what you can find, and what unusual things you’ll try. Not only do we save money on gas and tolls this way (where we are, the tolls are outrageous), but we also maximize our vacationing by minimizing our drive time.

And maximizing vacation time is what I’m all about.

Feet up, cruising through the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC in our 2016 Thor ACE 30.2

To get on the road as soon as possible on a Friday evening, I get Big Lou fully prepped the day before. I turn on the propane fridge ahead of time so it can cool down enough to safely store food, put away all the pantry items, clothes, doggie things, and sweep it all out by Thursday night or before work on Friday. I even pre-chop all our food to reduce the amount of dishes and time I have to spend in the kitchen- because this mommy loves to relax.

Another great benefit of weekend RVing is being able to take our dogs on vacation. While there are some pet-friendly hotels, nearly every single RV or State park is pet-friendly (I know there are some that don’t allow pets, but so far, we haven’t come across any). And I love my doggies. Trying to find a pet-sitter could be difficult and expensive, but taking them on an RV trip is fun and doesn’t cost you anything.

My only complaint about vacationing weekly is that we end up having to take care of a little business while we’re out. We’ve done RV maintenance and cleaning (some RV parks even let you wash your entire RV while on site, others don’t allow any maintenance or washing, so double check before you make plans), video editing or work on the blog, and catching up on homework with the kids.

But when you get to vacation nearly Every. Single. Weekend … is there really anything to complain about?

Archie is my co-pilot for a weekend in Mount Pocono, PA 

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Katherine and her family love traveling, tasting new foods, and exploring our great nation. The Hunnicutts are on a mission to discover as much as they can on affordable, weekend trips in their RV. Follow her blog to see their RV travels, advice and travel tips.