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Palazzo Compact Diesel Pushers Reviewed by FMCA

Palazzo Compact Diesel Pushers Reviewed by FMCA

FMCA Reviews the Newest Palazzo Compact Diesel Pushers: 
A Shorter RV That’s Tall On Features, Its Small Price Tag = Big Value!

Review of New Diesel Pushers: Palazzo Shorter Diesel Motorhomes

Benvenuto al mio Palazzo, “Or, welcome to my palace,” as they would say in Italy. However, this motorhome is not in Italy, and wasn’t made in Italy, but it does a fine job of serving as a palazzo — palace — on wheels.

A new RV manufacturing trend seems to be motorhomes that fit in the 33-foot to 34-foot length range with a sticker price below $200,000. Thor Motor Coach brings thier Palazzo compact diesel pushers right into this market niche. It appears that the company’s designers have done their homework, with another excellent addition to their diesel motorhome lineup.”

With this new length category for diesel pushers, and this combination for power and drivetrain, the Palazzo motorhomes drive more like a large SUV on steroids, with great pickup and passing manners.

“…the PC workstation in front of the copilot seat was appreciated, as was the “charging station” with 12-volt-DC and 120-volt-AC outlets. I was glad to see Thor Motor Coach makes good use of this otherwise wasted space where a typical front entry door would have been located on a diesel pusher.”

New Compact Diesel Motorhomes Under 40 ft. Under $200,000 Dollars

These compact diesel pushers don’t waste any space, even the copilot’s dash has a convenient built in flip out workstation with 110v/12v tech charging station.

The exterior is striking, with full-body paint and gel-coat siding. And, unlike many diesel motorhomes at this level, the Palazzo comes standard with dual-pane windows.

Compact Diesel Motorhomes | Class A Diesel Pushers Under 40 Ft.

Compact like a Swiss Army Knife, the Palazzo Diesel Motorhomes
are loaded with everything needed for your adventure .

“A large, tall, pass-through compartment with double doors also includes a convenient sliding tray positioned halfway up the height of the compartment; this turns it into a shelf to make it easier to store and gain access to items. An innovative cable pull opens the second door, and with this configuration, a center post is not needed.”

Compact Diesel Pushers Under $200,000 Dollars - Best Value of all the New Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Intelligently designed storage solutions are one of many reasons the Palazzo diesel pushers offer the best value in the class a diesel motorhome segment.

this will be a breakout product for Thor Motor Coach in 2013… If you are looking for an entry-level diesel pusher that has many of the options of higher-priced coaches and in a very drivable length, then you are going to want to test drive this motorhome.

– Reviewer Bob Zagami Family Motor Coaching Magazine

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Short Diesel Pushers: Compact Diesel Motorhomes Class A RV 2014

The 2013 Palazzo Compact Diesel Pushers are available in several premium exterior paint scheme including Cinnamon Shore shown above.

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