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Understanding Motorhome Turning Radius vs Wheel Cut

Understanding Motorhome Turning Radius vs Wheel Cut

Diesel Motorhomes Turning Radius and Wheel Cut

Example: Motorhome's Turning Radius with 55 Degree Wheel Cut and 259" Wheelbase

Turning Radius: The turning radius or turning circle of a motorhome is the size of the smallest circular turn (i.e. U-turn) that the RV is capable of making.

Wheel Cut: Wheel cut is how sharply the front wheels can turn, measured in degrees.

Wheelbase: The wheelbase is the horizontal distance between the center of the front wheels and the center of the rear wheels.

Benefit of Increased Wheel Cut: Gives your motorhome better maneuverability in tight spaces such as campgrounds, parking lots, and fuel stations by decreasing its turning radius. The turning radius is effected by the coaches wheelbase and the degree of its wheel cut.

Chassis Turning Radius, Wheel Cut, and Wheel Base of Diesel Motorhomes

Diesel Motorhome Chassis: The Wheel Cut & Wheel Base Effect On Turning Radius

Understanding A Diesel Pushers Wheel Cut vs Turning Radius

Motorhome Chassis Example: Freightliner XC-S














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