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Road Trip with the New Axis & Vegas RUVs

Road Trip with the New Axis & Vegas RUVs


Recreational-Utility-Vehicle-RV-MotorhomesFirst Off What’s An RUV? The RUV is a whole new class of vehicles!  The RUV, a Recreational Utility Vehicle is specifically designed for today’s lifestyles.  Sized like a typical full size SUV, the RUV includes a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen with a refrigerator.  No SUV can boast that!  You can haul more, do more and enjoy life more in a RUV.  And at an affordable price tag… what’s not to love?

Do you fall into one of these categories?

  • You attend kid’s events all weekend, dreading the long drives to tournaments and another night at a hotel sleeping on other people’s comforters and sheets? Not to mention dreading those enormous hotel bills!
  • You love the fact your daughter has fallen in love with cheerleading, but who knew all these competitions would be every week?  Now how do you get those bills paid, figure out school schedules for the next week, and find time to entertain her and her two BFF’s between competitions?
  • You are at the point in life where you can spend a month in Florida to get out of the cold northern weather. Flights and airports are such a pain.  You are not looking forward to driving the car that doesn’t have enough room for several months worth of luggage. You dread the hassle of finding, getting, and moving your stuff into a hotel room just for a nights rest.  Oh, not to mention when you’re there where do you put the grand kids when they want to come down to visit?

If any of these statements are “true”, it might be the perfect time to check out a RUV!!!

RVing in a RUV Motorhome

Our Road Trip starts at Thor Motor Coach ‘s headquarters in Elkhart Indiana.


Day 1 

So far drive has been great.  The RUV has been very comfortable to drive; I’ve been able to have one hand on the steering wheel. It drives more like my SUV, soft ride, easy to navigation in town,  quick when passing, it even hands the highway’s curves with precision. I’ve found the seats comfortable and very supportive, making the drive even more enjoyable.


Vegas RUV  Axis RUV
Got more than 600 miles under our belt traveling with our new recreational utility vehicle (RUV).
The trip so far has been more relaxing than driving mynormalSUV.  I’m up above traffic with a view of the road ahead; the fridge is fully stocked with drinks and snacks. I have to say it is very convenient;  we have everything we could want right here inthisRUV.

“In the new 2014 Vegas RUV I’ve found its road manners more like my SUV, where I’m comfortable with hand driving with one hand on the wheel.”

E-350 Class A Motorhomes

Hitting the road in the New 2014 Vegas RUV by Thor Motor Coach – Chicago, Illinois


Day 2 

We’re just passing through the heartland of our country this morning. We are moving through Topeka Kansas as we speak. The skies are blue the roads are clear, it looks like it’s going to be a great day for driving. Driving the RUV is a breeze.


Day 3 

Great driving today as we moved out of beautiful farmland of Kansas and into Colorado.  We woke to beautiful sunshine, and after a quick bite to eat, we hit the road.


I-70 West through Denver is an awesome drive.  We had plenty of opportunities to see the picturesque natural wonders of our great nation.  We went looking for the elusive snow bunnies, but we came up short with our visit to Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail and Winter Park.

We ended our travel with a relaxing evening of chicken wings and a good night’s stay at the Junction RV West campground. The twin beds that convert to a King bed make sleeping not only comfortable, but downright heavenly.  Who would have thought a 25 foot RUV would have a King Bed?

2014 Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Axis RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Axis RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV in Denver Colorado


The Vegas RUV offers the best amenities of a motorhome but in a compact easy to drive package like an SUV.


2014 Vegas RUV traveling through the mountains in Denver, Colorado


Day 4


The Axis RUV size gives it a go anywhere attitude but with all the conveniences of home.
Arches National Park Moab, Utah

Best in Class Family Motorhoming / RVing

2014 Vegas RUV RVing in Arches National Park Moab, Utah


Day 5

Motorhome Camping & Travel

Here’s last night’s campsite at the local KOA in Cedar City, Utah…
Wow, this coach sure draws a crowd wherever we go.


Day 6


State parks can be easily accessed by these smaller motorhomes giving you access to all of these national treasures across the US and Canada.

Fuel Efficient Class A Motorhomes

Fuel Efficiency & Spaciousness have merged, so grab the kids and hit the road with just a turn of this RUV’s key…



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