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How Can I Make Money on the Road?

How Can I Make Money on the Road?

How to Make Money RVing


Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to make money while on the road. For many full-time motorhome owners working is essential to maintaining their RV lifestyle.


Temp jobs

Many employers are increasingly offering temporary positions.

If you’re looking for work while traveling, your first stop should be at the local temporary staffing agency (in many cities there will likely be several). Although some positions might offer full-time hours, expect most positions to be part time.

There are also ‘seasonal jobs’ at carnivals, theme parks, fairs and campgrounds when they need more hands to deal with the rush at certain times of the year.

You should also consider seasonal work at local big-box stores. Many such stores have different busy seasons and will pay well for a responsible seasonal worker.


Go fishing

Ever thought of driving all the way to Alaska in your RV? With a luxury motor home, the trip needn’t be as grueling you think, and you could join a fishing crew for about 6-8 weeks after you get there. Find out which season has the highest demand for temporary workers. However, the pay is normally irregular as the proceeds from the catch are divided among the crew after deducting for expenses. You stand to earn anything up to $20,000 – enough to keep operating your RV for the rest of the year.



Workamping is when you work a job which not only pays you, but also allows you to park your luxury motorhome in an RV park with all modern amenities. Amazon is one of the largest employers of workampers – it calls them Camper Force – and they hire people to work in their warehouses. Job positions include shipping, receiving and stowing. American Crystal Sugar Company hires RVers for their Sugar Beet Harvest, which happens towards the end of September. According to the company, you could get paid up to $2,500 for two weeks of work.


National Parks

The Grand Canyon Association welcomes anyone who is prepared to live in an isolated environment, which makes it perfect for those RVers who are accustomed to boondocking or who love to be off grid. Civilization is 60-85 miles away, but with a luxury motor-home, you won’t need to keep traveling all the way into town for essentials.



There are many jobs that match your skills. Working for a specific number of hours every day ensures that you make money and still get to enjoy being on the road. As long as you have access to the internet you could find work on websites like, Linkedin’s Pro Finder,,, and many others. If writing is something you are good at, you could write content for websites, e-books, or wherever they need a good write-up.