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How to Establish an RV Routine

How to Establish an RV Routine

How to Establish an RV Routine

We all have routines in our daily lives, irrespective of how most of us brag about and yearn for spontaneity. Routines provide a sense of security and well-being. RVers like to pride themselves on spontaneous activity and absolute freedom when they roam about the country. It helps to bear in mind that routines in themselves do not have to be defined and restricted to a rote set of actions. They can be keyed by actions, which are defined by words like freedom, spontaneity, adventure and openness.

  • TV routines
    • Almost every single person living out of their RV depends on TV for news, entertainment and noise. If you set up camp in a neighborhood, you will need to take a quick tour to note down the proper direction to aim the dish. In some cases, it might take an hour or more, while others might achieve the same results in minutes.


  • Cellphone and computer routines
    • Phones and computers are essential to stay in touch with the outside world. However, these appliances do not make connections or operate in the same way at each RV resort. It would help to find the place where you get the best wireless and cellphone signals. It can be a definite challenge to find such a spot in remote areas.


  • Exercise routines
    • Walking, swimming, hiking, riding a bicycle, water exercises, jogging, tennis, dancing, shuffleboard and horseshoes are activities that are available at many RV resorts. As there are more and more young people taking to RVing, more rigorous exercise routines are being included in the daily routines. Activities today include things like zip lining, training zooms, wall climbing and other such sports that are tuned to the younger generation.


  • Pet owner routines
    • Many RVers have several pets, which require time, attention and love. Most RV parks have rules, stipulating that pets must be kept on a leash. Pet owners are required to escort them and clean up after them. Routine walks with pets are a great chance to meet other owners and their pets.


  • Travel routines
    • For most people, the pleasure of traveling and seeing new places is the primary goal of the RV lifestyle. When you remain in a single location for an extended period of time, your mind and body starts signaling that it is time for you to go. Moving on to see the valley, mountains, deserts, canyons, rivers, lakes and oceans is part of the thrill of traveling in an RV.


Establishing an RV routine will help you stick to the plan and will in turn help you travel more!