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The #1 Brand of Motorhomes

The #1 Brand of Motorhomes

Motorhomes#1 Brand of Motorhomes Thor Motor Coach | Class A,C,B+,Super C, Toy Haulers, Luxury Diesel RVs

Thor Motor Coach is the #1 motorhome brand in North America, producing nearly 1 out of every 4 motorhomes sold each year. TMC leads the RV industry in introducing cutting-edge innovations and offering a variety of options that fit every customer’s lifestyle and budget.

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Thor Motor Coach’s diverse product lineup includes many of the world’s most recognized gas-and diesel-powered Class A and Class C motorhomes, including the Four Winds, Challenger, Chateau, ACE and Tuscany models. By building a variety of unique styles, sizes and floor plans, TMC offers motorhomes that feel custom-made –at a truly competitive price.


RV Industry Leader & North America’s #1 Motorhome Brand

With so many unique models available, Thor Motor Coach’s motorhomes are priced to fit anyone’s budget –from families buying their first motorhome, to full-timers looking for a roaming “dream home.” No matter how you choose to spend your time or your money, there’s a TMC motorhome that fits your needs.

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