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More Than Just Small Class A Motorhomes...

More Than Just Small Class A Motorhomes...

There’s a New Kid in Town – The RUV!Small Class A Motorhomes

What’s an RUV you may ask? Well, an RUV is a Recreational Utility Vehicle.  Unlike any other recreational vehicle, an RUV is sized and engineered to drive like a SUV.  Available in two flavors from North America’s most chosen motorhome manufacturer Thor Motor Coach, the Axis and Vegas have a revolutionary design that is redefining the industry and the way people live their active lives, enjoy their families and, of course, having fun.

What makes the RUV so radically different?  Well, one major difference is the size.  The RUV is more like a large SUV, measuring just over 25 feet long and 8 feet wide.  It is able to fit in the tightest of spaces, like the parking lot at the mall, the drive-thru or parallel parking downtown.  What’s even better is that it drives like a dream.  Those small dimensions, long limousine wheelbase and low the center of gravity make the RUV nimble and agile.  Down the busiest highways or parking in the most obscure spots, the RUV is able to respond.

New 2014 Class A Vegas RUVThe very cool, aerodynamic front end and tapered sides provide lines that glide through the wind, adding to the sleek ride.  An angled windshield maximizes vision on the road, providing the ultimate pantographic view.  Exterior side mirrors with integrated side cameras provide peace of mind when changing lanes, increasing the overall safety aspect of driving a RUV.

Aesthetically, the RUV is just down right gorgeous.  Modern, European, inspired LED accent lighting makes the vehicle get double and triple takes.  The frameless, automotive styled, windows add to glitz and glamour while accenting the sexy lines of the front cap.  Thor Motor Coach’s premium HD-MAX™ full color exteriors provide the look full vehicle paint, while savings thousands of dollars in cost.  When it comes down to it, the RUV is a vehicle you want to own, because it looks that good!

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Small Class A Motor Homes

Looking good is only part of what these RUV’s bring to the table. The amazing functionality also leads to incredible savings. Time savings, money savings and sanity savings in a simple utility vehicle.

A plethora of storage capacity provides the space to take gear and more, regardless if it’s for the day, the week or the year.  Pass through storage compartments and an oversized Mega-Storage™ bay in the back are well suited to swallow up bicycles, kayaks and coolers.  No SUV can match the Axis or Vegas RUV when it comes to storage space.
These Small Class A are the next Big Thing...The living area’s sofa is arranged with a TV that’s viewable at any angle while out on the road.  Better yet, the driver and passenger seats swivel around to create a breakfast nook, complete with table.  The space is ideal for a quick games of cards or that morning cup of java.  The innovative design creates an open faced living area with the cockpit seats joining in on the conversation.  Additionally, the passenger seat converts to a PC work station with 110/12V plug access.  Multiple uses is what the RUV is all about!
More than just an SUV... Superior FlexibilityWhy suffer through another road trip, stopping for greasy fast food.  An RUV incorporates a fully operational kitchen with a microwave, stove top, refrigerator and a large deep sink.  Cabinets and drawers with multiple spaces hold an incredible amount of utensils, snacks and cooking essentials. Get back to family time with a meal together, fixed in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Besides being functional, the interior of the RUV is sleek and modern. The rattan encased cabinetry and accented furniture gives the vehicle a cosmopolitan look.  The RUV is designed with fabrics and flooring which are accommodating, pet friendly and easy to clean.   LED lighting beautifully highlights the distinct interior, while being eco-friendly by producing less heat and using less electricity.

Expand-A-Room Makes Small Big

Thor Motor Coach’s Expand-A-Room Makes For A Large Bathroom

Inside, you have the flexibility of choice to configure your own space.  A nifty drop down overhead bunk above the cockpit seats hides above in the ceiling.  The ample oversized sofa opens up to a bed with an air mattress.  Now that’s smart!  An ingenious dual twin beds with premium Denver Mattress’ has the ability to transform into an oversized King bed. Yes a King Bed!

Bedroom storage is abundant with cubbies and cabinets both above and below the bed.  An ingenious feature is the “Expand-A-Room” in the bath area.  This room expanse increases the bathroom size by three fold.  There is plenty of room to change, access the wardrobe, brush your teeth and even do your morning Pilates.

To categorize the RUV is difficult.  It can be so many things.  In a nutshell, it’s a stylish, sleek vehicle that performs with the responsiveness of an SUV.

All Travel Becomes A Vacation...All Travel Becomes A Vacation…

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